A primer on the unemployment claim process

The claim-filing process in Wisconsin is a complete and confusing mystery to most. Here is an explanation of the legal mechanics and process of an unemployment claim. This explanation applies regardless of the type of claim filed (regular unemployment, PUA, … Continue reading

Low unemployment rates and low unemployment benefits — record lows for a reason

Mark Sommerhauser’s article about possible changes to criminal prosecution of unemployment fraud has a remarkable chart detailing the roller coaster plunge in unemployment benefits in Wisconsin since the end of the great recession. In 2018, only $1.11 million in first-week … Continue reading

LIRC’s elimination

Governor Walker’s proposed FY2018-FY2019 budget includes the startling elimination of the Labor and Industry Review Commission. Previously in 2015, DWD raided the Commission’s budget and had its general counsel demoted and replaced. This attack was apparently not enough. All sources … Continue reading

Findings of the unemployment audit

Yesterday, December 16th, the Legislative Audit Bureau released its report on unemployment claims handling in Wisconsin. The report is divided into three parts: telephone claims handling, processing of appeal decisions, and benefit over-payments. The most notable finding concerns telephone claims … Continue reading

Important and comprehensive concealment analysis from LIRC

LIRC has just published to its website a comprehensive analysis of concealment issues in unemployment cases. The decision is lengthy, as concealment cases by their very nature require a week-by-week examination of wages and unemployment benefits. This case also has … Continue reading