Job posts scams to watch out for

Ars Technica reports how scam artists are starting to skim personal info from job-posting sites and then offer fake jobs to folks in order to get away with criminal activities. As noted in the article, this kind of scam is particularly dangerous for job-seekers:

The “job offer” was clearly part of a reshipping scam — an arrangement used frequently by credit card fraudsters and identity thieves to get goods purchased online forwarded by an unwitting third party, frequently to an overseas address. The criminals use the “personal assistant’s” personal information to deliver fraudulently purchased goods; when the fraud is tracked down, the “personal assistant” is the one the police come to visit.

So, job seekers need to make sure that any offers arriving via e-mail message or phone call come from legitimate sources. Always make sure that the employer information can be independently verified. When many companies are on-line only entities, this verification is especially important.