Advisory Council Meeting — 2/21/13

At this meeting, there was agreement on the following DWD proposals:

D12-05 SSI disability
Approved with the change that any restriction on UI benefits not occur for those who have only applied for SSI disability.

D12-18 Technical change: ineligible b/c wages received

D12-32 Participation in training programs as a UI eligibility requirement This proposal was first presented at the 2/21 meeting. It makes explicit DWD authority to mandate training, skill surveys, and re-employment services for UI eligibility. The language here gives DWD clear authority to mandate claimants use computers in their dealings with DWD and to complete required surveys, forms, and employment services unless the claimants have good cause not to.

The Department also announced that the sequester, if it happens, will lead to a reduction in EUC benefits and EB benefits to claimants. In Wisconsin, claimants are currently only eligible for the first two tiers of EUC benefit payments. The reduction in benefit payments will be ~9% — if the sequester happens. Regular unemployment benefits will not be affected.

The other proposals not yet acted on are still under consideration. The next meeting for the Advisory Council is Thursday, March 14th.

Advisory Council meeting — 2/6/13

At the Advisory Council today, there was agreement on the following two DWD proposals.

D12-02 Work registration / work search (with clarification that website registration will count as as a job search)

D12-10 Financial record matching and account levies
The Department introduced an amended memo clarifying that: (1) it already has the power to levy accounts under Wis. Stat. § 108.225 and that this proposed change is so DWD can get correct address information from the banks who have the accounts, and (2) that it cannot levy an account so that less than a $1000 remains in that account).

The other proposals not yet acted on are apparently still under consideration (see the Jan. 14th post about that memo).

The next meeting for the Advisory Council is Thursday, Feb. 21st.