Skills gap for the unemployed more wishful thinking than reality

Matthew Yglesias has some news about the latest in labor market research. Those who were applying for jobs and having to go through three to five rounds of interviews and be an absolutely perfect “fit” for the job already know the answer: the skills gap is more myth than reality.

Now, there is some cutting edge research from economists to back up that story. The takeaway of this research:

employers responded to high unemployment [during the recession] by making their job descriptions more stringent. When unemployment went down thanks to the demand-side recovery, suddenly employers got more relaxed again.

What folks need to start paying attention too, however, is how national job numbers are covering up a TON of variation from state to state. The job market in Minnesota is today nothing like the job market in Wisconsin. And, as indicated previously, changes in denial rates across the fifty states vary dramatically and have changed significantly in numerous states since 2010 because of an explosion in use of “other reasons” to deny unemployment benefits to claimants.

So, as always, in Wisconsin make sure to review these tips for filing an unemployment claim.

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