New Rental Assistance Beginning February 2021

Beginning February 2021, there is additional rental assistance (WERA) for those who are facing eviction or are behind in their rent payments.

Here is a link to the state Department of Administration website with contact information for each county. Under the “Want to Apply?” section, click on the highlighted box that says “Your Local Community Action Agency,” which will take you to the WERA page.

In Dane County, these applications are being handled by the Tenant Resource Center. Here are income limits for Dane County, which will vary somewhat for other counties:

  • 1 Person: $35,050
  • 2 People: $40,505
  • 3 People: $45,050
  • 4 People: $50,050
  • 5 People: $54,100
  • 6 People: $58,100
  • 7 People: $62,100
  • 8+People: $66,100

The Dane county application is available at ( and the telephone number is (608) 257-0006.