What is concealment?

A bill is going forward for creating a seven year ban on benefits after two instances of concealment — aka two strikes and you’re out. Basic matters in this debate turn on what exactly is concealment and how is concealment … Continue reading

Concealment redefinition approved: Watch out claimants

There have been previous discussions here in this blog about the Department of Workforce Development’s concealment efforts on 27 January 2014, 28 May 2014, 14 April 2015, 15 April 2015, 26 May 2015, 23 April 2015, and numerous other posts. … Continue reading

Why employer UI taxes are down: concealment and substantial fault

A previous post noted that unemployment taxes for employers are going down because the reserve fund’s cash balance is currently and expected to remain more than $500 million. This success is remarkable, especially since it did not come about because … Continue reading

LIRC responds to DWD’s concealment agenda

At the 16 April 2015 Advisory Council meeting, the Labor and Industry Review Commission provided memoranda regarding potential legal problems with the Department of Workforce Development’s proposed legal changes. My post yesterday discussed the Commission’s memorandum regarding the Department’s SSDI … Continue reading

Concealment problems for employers too

In yesterday’s post, I described how the Department of Workforce Development is turning employees’ claim-filing mistakes into charges of fraud and concealment.  Employers should not think that these new tactics have nothing to do with them, however. In a case … Continue reading

Important and comprehensive concealment analysis from LIRC

LIRC has just published to its website a comprehensive analysis of concealment issues in unemployment cases. The decision is lengthy, as concealment cases by their very nature require a week-by-week examination of wages and unemployment benefits. This case also has … Continue reading

Recent LIRC decisions show that concealment charges are often outside the law

In January 2014, the Labor and Industry Review Commission issued three decisions about concealment. In all three, the Commission overturned decisions of administrative law judges that had affirmed initial determinations. In reading these, it is apparent that the Department of … Continue reading