2014 unemployment changes: a review of how we got here

2013 Wisconsin Act 20 (pp. 452-60 and 598-603 of the budget act) and 2013 Wisconsin Act 36 (the unemployment advisory council act) produced significant changes to unemployment law (see here for specific changes by the budget bill).

The Department of Workforce Development (DWD or Department) has provided a general description and a table of these changes. For the most part, it has been up to the Labor and Industry Commission (LIRC or Commission) to decide what all of these changes to unemployment law will mean. And, starting in 2014, the Commission has begun to issue those decisions.

Some of these decisions have already been mentioned here on this blog and additional discussions should appear soon.

In the meantime, some might find it useful to review how all of these changes to unemployment law came to be. You can find all of the original DWD proposals here (specifically, the files starting with ‘D12’) along with supporting documentation and additional developments (such as the legislator’s April 1st letter to DWD. My original memo discussing these changes offers a description of what these proposals originally intended.

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