DWD GEF-1 closure

With the fire in the GEF-1 building, DWD has had to relocate staffers to other DWD buildings and operations. It appears that the closure will last several weeks. While unemployment hearings should continue as scheduled, processing of new claims and investigations of issues will most likely be delayed as new operating procedures and facilities get put into place.

For updates, DWD has set up the following web page with info for employees. It appears that employees should have most of the work files and personal information out of GEF-1 by the close of business today, Tuesday, May 27th.

UPDATE (12 June 2014): Most of the info at the DWD emergency website has been removed.


But, here is a PDF of what the website looked like on 27 May 2014. The PDF has key information about where DWD offices have been relocated since the closure of GEF-1 that is now no longer publicly available.

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