Unemployment bookmarks/links

Bookmark links to unemployment research and news. For instance, LIRC
provides an outline of relevant LIRC decisions.

The link for ETA (Employment and Training Administration) advisories is
to the Dep’t of Labor website where important memos about unemployment
law are available to the public.


News – DWD
Search LIRC UI Decisions
Benefit Center Mailing Addresses
UI Advisory Council Meeting Agendas-Minutes
Summary of UI Law Change Proposals
UI Advisory Council
UI Handbook UCB-201
UI Legal Resources Page
ETA Advisories
Unemployment Appeals Clinic

Unemployment Tips
Unemployed? Join 31 million laid off Americans
MAJT | Wix.com

Labor and Employment Resources
Unemployment Legislation Database
IL Department of Employment Security
IL Legal Advocate | Claimants’ Rights
MinnFAQs: Overpayments and Fraud

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